Wednesday, July 29, 2009

sew buckled & zipped for Fall 2009.

Atlanta Women's Shoes Examiner

'buckles on the side with a zipper in the back - shoes Fall 2009 preview.'

July 29, 2:47 PM



July is practically over, which means vacation time is over, which means summer is over.. which means it's time to starting thinking Fall. Even though the Atlanta weather man is still calling 90 degree weather, Fall is right around the corner; it's time to put those summer sandals away (please just throw away those Old Navy flip flops, and god forbid, those Crocs. don't donate them.. it's time to make them disappear), and get ready for the season. 

This Fall season is going to be one word: FIERCE. No Ugg boots, no boring flats, no plain jane black pumps.

Black leather heels with buckles and zippers. Black is always the signature color of Fall, but be in the style with buckles on the side and zippers on the back heel. Balmain is this Fall's spotlight shoe designer, so to start Fall off on the right foot, buy his foot or even his knockoff; you'll be steppin' in front of Carrie Bradshaw.

From the looks of the forecasts, your feet for Fall will be the feet of a gothic boss lady. 

Clockwise - 

Balmain buckle boots - suede, 4.75 in. heel

Balmain zipper boots - suede, 4.75 in. heel

Guiseppe Zanotti zipper booties - leather, 4.5 in. heel

Steven Madden back zipper heel - leather, 5 in. heel

Raparo buckle ankle booties - python, 4.75 in. heel

Marc Jacobs buckle ankle booties - leather, 4 in. heel

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Friday, July 17, 2009

sew in the city.

Atlanta Women's Shoes Examiner

"New York street style - from heel to toe."

July 17, 3:32 PM

Last week I took a trip to New York City and walked down every street from 135th in Harlem to Canal Street in China Town, Broadway in Soho and 42nd street in Time Square; from the subway to the underground clubs. As I walked, I studied the footwear of everyone that brushed shoulders with me (even Bruce Willis), and of the millions of people I encountered, they were all wearing the same street style : bohemian strappy/cut-out sandals .

Not one New Yorker had the same pair of sandals on, but they all were wearing the same silhouette (the same style I wrote about last week). Buckles, jewels, studs, ties, in all different colors. 

So, follow my shoe style advice, as well as New Yorkers: throw away those boring Old Navy flippy flops, and get yourself a pair of these fashion-forward sandals. Your feet will thank you.

And you won't even have to break your bank. You can find these styles at DSW, Urban Outfitters, Top Shop, Steven Madden, Forever21, Bakers, and Traffic for super cheap. 

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Monday, July 6, 2009

sew in need during this transition.

Atlanta Women's Shoes Examiner
"Fall heel; Summer toe."

Now that the 4th of July is over, it is basically Fall from here on out. Summer has not technically ended, but Summer footwear has. No more straps and ties and neon colors with crazy prints; it's back to the basics during this time of transition. And as we transition into the Fall season, footwear is the exact same; a transition on your foot from heel to toe, Summer and Fall combined together. Stylish & chic for Fall, but totally breathable & colorful for Summer. I like to think of Summer/Fall shoes as mere teases; show a little here and there, but keepin' it classy and fun.      

These booties by 8020 & are the best shoes to step out of Summer and into Fall. 


 $116                       $198                          $89                              $89                         $165                    


 $221                       $221                         $203                            

They are available online @ in the shoe section. 

Summer/Fall shoes are also available @ in the women/shoe section. 


$48                            $38                           $148                        $158                            $100

Now you are good to go for this month or so until Fall begins!

Stay tuned for my Fall 09 shoe trend forecast coming up soon!

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

sew there is a shoe god!

Atlanta Women's Shoes Examiner

"cheap foot? Jimmy Choo for H&M to the rescue."

July 5, 5:28 PM

Please make sure you are sitting down while reading this, because your knees will buckle and your feet will tingle: H&M is doing their first designer brand collaboration with none other than Jimmy Choo; the luxury shoe designer. His hand-made heels are typically only available for the high & mighty fashionistas who can afford the $600+ choos. However, thanks to this brilliant fashion business merger, you and I can now be among the high & mighty with Choos on our feet thanks to H&M. 


Shoes will run from $99 to $129, with high-end models selling for $299. Still a little pricey, but compared to regular costs, completely worth affording, especially since seeing the example above. Sometimes brand name designers design "low-end" shoes that just aren't that stylish and luxurious compared to their "high-end" line, like they designed cheap looking heels to almost mock our small "cheap" budget. But by the looks of it, H&M and Choo are designing some killer heels for their small wallet-ed fashion customers.

H&M and Jimmy Choo will also launch a clothing line, accessory line, and handbag line to match the shoes. 


The Jimmy Choo for H&M collection will be available this fall, November 14th in only 200 stores nationwide. I'm almost positive Atlanta's H&M will be on the list, so mark your calendars!

So, instead of just looking at Choos through the glass window, or even trying a pair on pretending you're going to buy them (with the sales rep whispering and giggling "yeah right sister, keep dreaming"), you can now finally make your dream a reality and own a true pair of Jimmy Choos. How many people can say that? Well, now you!

I hope this rubs off on Manolo Blahnik and they team up with Target. :)

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Friday, July 3, 2009

sew red, white & blue on your shoe.

Atlanta Women's Shoes Examiner

red, white & blue on your shoe.

July 3, 1:16 PM

What to wear on the 4th of July? Over-the-top cliche color matching vs. "someone's not in the USA spirit." Well, don't stress over what's on top; worry about what's on the bottom, on the bottom of your feet that is. 


Marc Jacobs - 4 inch heel, white leather, ankle strap, sprinkled with red & blue stars. Only $200 at your local Saks. If these heels don't scream "Happy Independence Day" I don't know what shoe will. 

Or, if you want to purchase a pair of heels you can wear more than once, here are some ideas:

 Dsquared2 - "picnic" chic

L.A.M.B. - "cookout" classy

 Pour La Victoire -  "countdown til dark" cute

 Balmain - "fireworks" bold

Any one of these pairs will go well with any style of pants/shorts, as well as the holiday spirit. It never hurts to be stylish; or in fact, the most stylish at your 4th of July bash. 

Don't have the money to splurge for the red-white-blue this year? Well, I found this life-saving website where you can RENT shoes online for only a few bucks a day or night, depending on when you need them and for how long, for that special occasion. From designer names in every style to regular names in every color. Super cheap and ships in less than a few days, practically overnight. Now, rent money can really be found on your feet. 

"One Night Stand was developed for all women who don't own that perfect pair of shoes for a special occasion.  Whether you need bright yellow heels for a party, gold strappy sandals for a wedding, or the perfect black pump for an interview, we've got you covered! 
With over 100 pairs of specialty shoes to choose from, ranging in sizes 6-9.5, we have something for everyone.  And the best part, you can rent them for as long as you desire."


HAPPY 4th of JULY!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

sew blown away.

Atlanta Women's Shoes Examiner
"stupid, ugly CROCS." that was so last year.

Two years ago, I remember joining a group on Facebook - "I Don't Care How Comfortable Crocs Are, You Look Like A Dumbass." I've never been a fan of the "holey turtle feet, boat-sized, now decorated with cute cheesy snap on's" CROCS. To be honest, I personally think they just look ridiculous, especially when paired with jeans and a t-shirt. If you're in the nursing/doctor scrubs field, gardening, fishing, whatever other activity you would consider CROCS a must to wear, that's acceptable. But when worn as "fashion," I cannot accept the overly used excuse "but they're comfortable." Sorry. Comfortable and light? Perhaps; I've personally never put a CROC on my foot in my entire life. But stylish? Well, to swallow my words hard and painfully, yes, now they are. 

I went to the mall the other day, and instead of going my normal route, only bee-lining it to the stores I only shop at, I decided to take a detour and go down a side branch, you know, the branches of the mall with the stores you never really actually acknowledge because you're only determined to get to the food court or leave.. Well, I went down one with an open mind. Perhaps to open, because I passed the store that made me put my foot in my mouth. I passed the CROC store. (I mean, I never even knew a kind of shoe store existed; only specifically selling CROCS) And saw this in the window.


These aren't CROCS! These are flats! that come in various pretty spring colors and stylish prints/designs. And they're actually kinda cute!

So, I decided to keep the open mind, swallow my fashion ego, take a deep breath, and walk in... and to my surprise, I discovered the CROC World. A shoe world I had never even known about; one I was persistent in staying ignorant about. 

And as I looked around.. I discovered entirely new CROC shoe breeds. Open-toed wedged CROCS! Open-toed heeled CROCS! Mary-jane CROCS! and came in almost every color ever desired! 






Maybe I'm too late in reporting this shoe world, for my ignorance got the best of me, but I'm seriously taken back by my discovery of the CROC shoe world. I'll now admit, CROCS are not just CROCSanymore. They're comfy, light, AND stylishCROCS, on record, are the new high heel.

(However, as enlightened as I was, I did not put a single CROC on my foot, and still won't. I just can't do it.)

(And one more thing: I don't really know when is the appropriate season to wear CROCS? I mean, for summer, wouldn't your feet get hot and sweaty? And for the winter, your feet would get too cold due to the rubber material? So wear socks? and that's fashionable? I think not.)

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Monday, June 15, 2009

sew fashion trippy.

I was watching Nocturnal State on VH1 the other night/morning, typical couldn't sleep,
and Franz Ferdinand's new music video "No You Girls" came on.. 
this music video is fashion trippy.. watch it. 
reminds me of like an old vintage vogue shoot.. and ironically, no shoes to report.